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OG Dirt Jumper


Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike Vivid Blue
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike Black Gold
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike Bronze
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike Vivid Blue
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike Black Gold
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike Bronze
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
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Every bike should be built with care and detail. Your DJ bike is no exception. We made the Monk to create a dirt jumper that doesnt comprimise!

☛ 4130 chromoly construction
☛ CNC machined stainless steel dropouts with integrated chain tensioning
☛ Evolved geometry for stable, responsive performance

If you ordered a full bike, you'll have everything you need to get rolling right away, prior to some minimal setup.
Frames come with a hanger, chain stay protector and rear axle.

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The Monk

One of the most tried and tested Dirt Jumpers on the market today, featuring 4130 chromoly tubing, refined geometry and machined dropouts with integrated chain tensioning system. Now in its 14th year of production few DJ bikes have evolved to the level of detail as the Monk.

Monk 2021 Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike Black Gold


Almost all Chromag frames are made from quality 4130 chromoly steel tubing. Chromoly is an abbreviation for chromium-molybdenum indicating the materials that the steel is alloyed with.

The added chromium helps increase the steels hardenability and also provide some corrosion resistance.
The molybdenum helps to increase the toughness of the steel.

It has a high tensile strength but is also malleable which is what gives our frames their notorious ride quality and feel. Chromoly is often used when more strength is required than that of mild carbon steel.

It falls under the AISI (American Iron & Steel Institute) 41XX designations which is where the “41” comes from. The “30” indicates it contains approximately 0.30% carbon by weight.

Chromoly is much stronger than traditional 1020 steel and it has a higher strength to weight ratio and high tensile strength, which means we can use less material and achieve a product that can withstand the abuse that riders love to throw at it.

The monk has been a staple in our line-up for almost 2 decades.

key features

Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike Vivid Blue

Your bike is special. The head tube badge is the finishing touch so we’ve always made a point of taking the time to do something interesting with it. Our head tube badges have changed over the years and are an indication of the time each bike was made.

Whether it’s a cast bronze, or polished stainless steel, water cut aluminum or a 3D CNC carving, each one represents our commitment to detail.


We've never tried to hide the fact some of our products are made in Taiwan, in fact, we're proud of it.

Our Taiwanese partners are incredibly skilled and some of the best in the business.

As you would expect, these products are held to the same strict standards that we're renowned for.

gyro tabs

All Chromags now ship with our injection moulded chain stay protector to help keep the paint fresh and the noise low. These have an adhesive applied, but also slot for zip ties if they come unstuck years down the line, or if you want to apply it to another frame.

Designed for life

Yes, steel might be a little heavier than it's more flashy contemporaries, but these bikes are built to last.

Unlike aluminum frames (which have ticking clock the minute you start riding them), steel can theoretically last forever provided it's ridden within the scope for which it was intended.

assembly & care

Whether you get your bike in a box, or roll it out the front door here at Chromag HQ, you can rest assured your bike has been pored over with pride, and built with the utmost attention to detail by one of our extremely talented mechanics.

Threads are chased, seat tubes are reamed, head tubes are honed, fits are checked and checked again, all to make sure when you get your bike, everything is absolutely dialed.

Monk Chromag Dirt Jump Bike MTB Hardtail Mountain Bike
horizontal dropouts

Horizontal dropouts are a crucial part of a single sped setup, allowing you to tension your chain without the use of a derailleur.

Our built in chain tugs also allow you to dial in the chain tension, and keep it that way, even during mis-judged 360's and sideways landings.

The mountain biker’s dirt jumper.


At home on the pump track or your local spot the Monk has timeless style and character. The geometry is on the more familiar to mountain bikes end of the scale allowing you to get comfy quickly.

Show: |
Frame Size X-ShortTypical Rider Height: 137cm - 168cm ShortTypical Rider Height: 160cm - 178cm LongTypical Rider Height: 170cm - 188cm X-LongTypical Rider Height: 180cm - 198cm
Effective Top Tube520545570595
Head Tube959595115
Wheel base993101810431068
BB Drop30303030
BB Height318318318318
Stand Over619619619619
chain stay381381381381
Seat Tube310310310310
Head Angle70°
Seat Angle76°
Wheel Size26"



The Monk has a very different fit to our other bikes. It only really gets longer (not taller) as you go up in size, which is why they are labelled short, long etc (rather than small, medium, large).

You could also check out the review section, to see how this bike fits other people.

Catch a rare glimpse of the rootdown out in the wild.


Level Mens Shorts Chromag MTB Lifestyle Clothing Apparel

Builds & Specs

• Fork // Rock Shox Pike DJ 100mm, 100x15mm
• Stem // Chromag HiFi BSX 31mm
• Bar// Chromag FU40 40mm Rise, 800mm
• Headset // Cane Creek Forty ZS
• Crank // Descendant 170mm
• Brake // SRAM Level (Rear Only)
• Rotor // SRAM 140mm
• Cassette // 16t Single Speed
• Rims // Chromag Ally 26" 32h
• Hubs // Chromag D1 4 pawl 32h
• Tires // Maxxis Ikon
• Seatpost //Chromag Bassix 31.6
• Saddle // Chromag Overture
• Grips // Chromag Wax
• Chain // SS

Build options are subject to availability and liable to change without notice. 

• Wheel Size // 26"
• Recommended Fork Travel // 100tmm
• Material // 4130 Chromoly Steel
• Frame Weight (Long) // 6.43lbs
• Hub Spacing // 135 x 10mm (Axle Not Included with frame-only)
• Headset // 44-56 Semi Integrated
• Seat Clamp Size // Integrated
• Seat Post Size // 31.6mm
• BB // 73mm Threaded
• Hanger // N/A
• Brake Mount // IS
• Frame Origin // Taiwan


Buying a bike is a big deal.
Don't hesitate to reach out with any and all questions!

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Worldwide shipping

We ship bikes anywhere in the world with competitive rates from UPS and FedEx. Alternatively you can pickup right here at Chromag HQ.

Service Guide

Need more info on setup, service and spare parts?

View the user guide


All of our bikes are backed by a 1 year warranty.
After that we still have your back with our crash replacement program.

Register your bike


A 2.2” Maxxis fits with appropriate room around it.

No, there are no ISCG mounts on the Monk.

All our frames can work with +/-10mm of fork travel. To generalise the geometry change is around a 0.5° slacker head tube and seat tube angle for every 10mm added.

We setup our complete Monks with a 52mm chain line

With a 52mm chainline (SRAM boost standard), the Monk can fit up to a 34-tooth chainring.

For context, most of us here are running a 30t, with a 10/52 cassette.

There is a serial number on the back of your fork arch, adding this to Rockshox Trailhead app along with your weight gives a good baseline setting.

It does, however the specific blend of steel we use (CR-MO) has very good corrosion resistant properties. You can further protect things internally if you live in a partially harsh area or have concerns. Fluid Film is our recommended product for this.

Hope and other large 4 piston brake calipers can be tight, Sram codes fit just fine. Given the bikes intentions it is not expected that many will want to fit the largest heaviest brakes to it. Please let us know if you have tried to fit a more obscure component and faced issues.

Greasing you seat post prevents this issues, we strongly recommend re-greasing every 6 months at a minimum.

Not much! Here's what you need to do if we shipped your bike to you:

• Inflate tires to desired pressure. (Sealant is already installed)
• Install brake rotors, tightening bolts to 6.2Nm.
• Attach derailleur to frame, tightening to 9Nm making sure that the B-tension tab rests properly against the derailleur hanger stop.
• Grease headset bearings, install fork and handlebar, positioning the headset spacers above or below the stem according to rider fit.
• Align handlebar stem, preload headset and tighten stem pinch bolts to 8Nm.
• Install wheels, tighten axles.
• Install chain with quick link.
• Grease pedal threads and install pedals using pedal washers supplied.
• Adjust brakes, shifters, saddle position and height for personal preference.
• Set up suspension.
• Bed-in brakes. (Roll down a gentle gradient dragging one brake at a time. Avoid locking them up.)
• Go ride!

Note: If you had to Google "Nm", or you don't know which way to install your rotors, you should probably get a qualified mechanic to build your bike!

Here's what's been done:

• Chain length adjusted.
• Gears adjusted.
• Brakes set up and bled.
• Handlebar tightened to 6Nm.
• Grips tight on handlebar.
• Crankset tight, bottom bracket tight/adjusted.
• Saddle and seatpost tight.
• Seatpost greased *make sure to re-grease every 6 months!
• Tire sealant installed.
• Cassette tight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rob W.
Simply the best!

For full disclosure I have been supported by Chromag for over a decade and have rode numerous iterations of the Monk over the entire span of that time.

My skatepark style of riding has always demanded the strongest parts on the market… I was lucky to get 6 months out of a frame from what were the go to brands at the time.

In 2013 i got my first Monk, and straight away you could tell the difference in quality and innovation - Chromag were one of the first to introduce oversized steerer tubes to Chromoly frames… key to increased strength right where it is needed.

I believe what truly sets the Monk apart from others is it’s stiffness - these frames are as robust as they come and you don’t loose your “pump” through flex.

Key features for me are the threaded bb… enabling you the choice of alloy / carbon mtb cranks, as well as chromoly BMX cranks (often preferred in the skatepark settings for the increased strength).
Furthermore, the built in chain tugs make bike maintenance much easier, and more importantly stop your rear wheel from slipping in the horizontal drop outs under load.

The monk has been my hardtail of choice right up to the pinnacle of my riding and I have never been left looking for more from a frame.

For reference in case you are unsure - I run a “short” for skatepark riding for improved agility. If i did more than the occasional stint of dirt jumping I would size up to a “long” for the increased stability at higher speeds.

(Vivid) Blue Steel is the Colour you Want and Need

The bike is 100% dialled, obviously. What you don’t know is that the studio photos make the Vivid Blue look like a baby blue, but in real life it looks awesome. Reminds me of the sky on a perfect bluebird day at the ski hill.


This is the best dirt jumper I’ve ever ridden! I love the geometry and the feel of the bike. It is also the easiest bike I’ve ever backflipped. Totally the king of dirt jumpers!

Tracey M.
2023 Chromag Monk.

My son absolutely loves this bike. He likes the weight, the components and durability. He can huck this bike all over the dirt jumps. What's not to like? This bike is RAD!

Jason L.

awesome bike , ready to roll . 100% .

Logan S.
Amazing Bike!

Just bought a monk and right away it felt like the best dirt jumper I've ever ridden! Not only does it come stock with the components that I would upgrade to on any other bike, but the sizing is perfect (I'm 5'9'' and ride a size long), and the paint job is sweet! An all-around great DJ! Super stoked on this ride!

Seamus B.
The Best Complete DJ Bike

I recently purchased a complete Monk and I couldn’t be happier with it. Hopping on after building it up, it felt comfortable instantaneously. Chromag do an excellent job of getting the bike built, so only minor assembly was required (tires were even partially aired up!).

In my opinion, this is the nicest complete DJ bike you can buy. The stock components are what I would select if I was building this custom.

I spent time a lot of time researching DJ bikes and looking at all of the competitors bikes before purchasing this, while I may have paid a little more up front for this bike, I know I won’t be needing/wanting to change anything.

For reference, I have listed my height and size purchased below. I am totally happy with the sizing on this bike. To me, it feels perfect.

Height: 5’11”
Size Purchased: Long

Asen D.
Best dj ever!

I love this bike so much! I love the color of my purple monk. Definitely go for this bike